A photo of Shane Chaffe

I'm Shane Chaffe, born and raised in London, UK.

I've loved building and playing with computers ever since I was a young boy. I would recycle old parts from the family computer and continuously take our family PC apart to repair it, clean it, or make improvements to it.

There was nothing more important to me than computers since a young age, whether it be building them, playing with them, or disassembling them. That's what struck my interest with hardware, not so much my love for software.

I found my love for software only a few years ago in my adult life, which is what lead me to creating this portfolio, a culmination of learning, using new technologies like Next.js and Tailwind which is used here, or taking a look at CI/CD pipelines to automated processes, learning more about the intricacies of JavaScript and it's libraries/frameworks. It's a never ending learning experience.

Today, I'm proudly a Senior Technical Account Manager at Contentful with an extensive background in troubleshooting hardware and software. Soon, I'll be a Software Engineer I hope. That's where I'm headed.

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