Spotify Profile

This project uses the Spotify API to generate insights into your Spotify usage and a different way to visualise the artists that you have been listening to.

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Countries Landing Page

Countries API - Find info about all countries!

Using the Countries API to display information about all countries around the world. Feel free to use the search function which also has debouncing to prevent issues within the web app.

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Product Feedback landing page

The Product Feedback App

This project is about a forum that users can utilise authentication to add posts into a feedback board. Users can upvote, comment, post and read other users posts. It utilises a Firebase Realtime database to store the data.

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Fake Zoom clone

Zoom Clone

This is a copy of Zoom, it has the ability to schedule meetings in advance, record meetings, screen share, host instant meetings and all of the functionality that Zoom has to offer. It utilises Clerk for authentication and GetStream for the video calling functionality.

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Devjobs landing page


This is a Devjobs website that allows developers to view available jobs on a job board. Users have the ability to toggle day/night mode, search by filters by using location, titles, and whether or not the position is full time or not. It also has pagination to display more jobs.

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Daves PD landing page

Dave's Painting and Decorating

This website is a website built for a local business to display their services to their customers and allow them to obtain a better presence online. Customers can use a form to reach out to the business owner and see a map of where the operate.

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Devfinder landing page

Job Listing Site

Discover developers effortlessly with this Dev Finder app using the GitHub API.

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Frontend Quiz Landing Page

Front End Quiz

This was my first TypeScript Project which is a quiz around Frontend technologies. Please try it out!

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Age Calculator site

Age Calculator App

This age calculator helps you calculate your age down to the day you were born!