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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

I was recently fortunate enough to pass my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam the first time around. I was able to pass it without studying ridiculously hard thanks to already working in tech and having a good understanding of how systems communicate with each other in the first place.

AWS Certificate

What did I use to pass?

I only had to use 2 resources fortunately and the resources shared by Amazon are actually the best. Before I get to that, I'll mention these flashcards, the flashcards are super helpful as they contain questions that are similar to what you can expect in the real exam. The initial exam is all about knowing what service does what from AWS and the value it brings. There are a lot of questions about VALUE - some of these might look like:

"Compare services A and B and the customer's use case, what would be the most cost-efficient option for the customer?"

Being able to read this question slowly and understand what each service does is the key to answering and passing.

The second resource was a course provided by AWS themselves, the instructors are SUPER engaging and the information is broken down into very manageable chunks for you to understand, this is the course.

It should take you about 16-18 hours to complete at a speed of 1.5x and note-taking. With these 2 resources, passing should be easy enough!

Now onto the next exam!

Technology used:

AWSAWS Certified Cloud Practitioner